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How to play with slime correctly!

There is no “correct” way of playing, but we have some tips to make it more fun, more relaxing and making the slime be good for a longer time.

Tip 1: Play with it for maximum 10-15 minutes to make sure it keeps well.

Tip 2: Always make sure the lid is perfectly closed. If not then air cycles in the box   and makes it rot easier

Tip 3: Keep your slime in a cool, shady space so it doesn’t melt too quickly.

Tip 4: Play on clean surface, with clean, dry hands otherwise it will stink (yuck!)

Tip 5: Experiment with different ways to make sounds with it!


My slime is sticky, please help!

In all of our orders with slime we give a little bottle with activator. Spray 1 spritz on the slime. If it is sticky then add more.


My slime is rock solid!

You have two options. 1: You order a slime softener with your next order. 2: Add lotion, a little bit of water. If it is still hard, close the container and put it in a bowl of warm water for 10-15 min. If the slime still is not soft please contact us:


There is mold on it!

DO NOT TOUCH THE SLIME! Throw it away immediately. If the slime had mold within 14 after arriving at your house, you will get a new slime if it is still in stock. Otherwise you get a voucher of the exact value of the slime. To apply for that contact:


The slime is on my clothes/furniture!

Scrap off what you can. Then use a bit of the activator to remove the rest of the slime. If it is not completely out, use a bit of vinegar on the spot. Try washing it if it still doesn’t come out. If it still doesn’t come out contact:


My slime stinks!

This is probably because you played with it with dirty hands. Sadly the only option you have here is to throw it away. Here we don’t refund it since it is your own fault.


If you have any other problems with your slime, please don’t hesitate to ask our customer support:


Explanation for slime words: 

melts/melting - if your slime is in a warm area too long and turns into glue

activator - this is a liquid that makes your slime to a slime