How do I choose the right gift for my friend/family?

How do I choose the right gift for my friend/family?

I think we all know this problem. Not knowing what to gift somebody. But I have a simple solution for you!

Know their favorite color!

I know this might sound sketchy and irrelevant, but trust me this helps A LOT with finding the right gift. For instance: If you have a cousin, the "norm" nowadays says: "boys like blue, girls like pink" but that is not true. Better ask your cousin their favorite color because it may be pink or something you would not have imagined.

Know their (clothing) style!

Again this one may seem obvious but a lot of people do not keep in mind that you wont like a boho gift if your clothing/interior style is futuristic. I saw one of my parents doing this mistake to my older stepbrother. He gifted him japanese decorations for his room. What he did not know was that this was not even his style, his style is rather south-east asian rather than japanese.

Still no idea? 

Even if you still have no idea, please do not gift the one thing which you should not gift: MONEY. Its the most unpersonalized gift EVER. If there is really no hope left then at least buy them a gift card such as ours or buy one of our "Otto the gift-opus" which gives it a personal touch to it, because instead of ´just money, you gift them a keychain with a bill tied to it. They can take out the bill and keep the keychain. This is my favorite type of forbidden gift gifting. 

They dislike keychains?

If you got this far then applaud yourself because 90% of blog readers stop after the third tip! If you still have troubles finding them a gift then you could perfectly buy them one of our gift cards, since they can redeem them on our website but also if we are on a market, they just show us their QR code, we scan it and boom! the products are paid. At the end of this blog I will link the products.

Thank you for reading!

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